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DJ Cutfader

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Friday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

DJ Cutfader

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Dj CUTFADER got into DJing over 30 years ago in 1990 I watched break beat and break dance and that's where DJing started for me and I got into break dancing I was like Woh how do they mix 2 records together and scratch hip hop I was like a wanna be DJ then this new form of jungle came out around 1989 I was like Woh I wanna be a DJ and I stopped going nightclubbing at 20 and started going to raves my first big one on my own was at the institute que club mid 190s it was top line up I said to myself Woh how do they mix 1 record to the next I wanna be a DJ and the sound was unreal loud and the b line was just amazing coming out of the speakers that was it for me I saved up for my decks speakers amp and started learning DJing in the bedroom every day for years until I mastered the art of mixing self taught way before internet was discovered I used to go down don cristie record shop and spend all day in the record shop buying choons and u never look back since .I got into producing 15 years ago still learning the ropes getting there my next step is to start playing out in the super clubs across the world and up and down the country every Friday and Sat nights and playing at big festivals all over the world

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