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DJ Crossie

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DJ Crossie

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I must have been about 14 to 15 years old when i first saw someone mixing two tunes together.

I was amazed and inspired DJ Nutty C / MC Nutty C Was his name it was my mate Dannys older brother and we was bunking off school at the time and ill never forget the two tunes that he was mixing.

Dark stranger into origin unknowns 31 seconds absolute banging tunes.

R.I.P Nutty C Thank you for inspiring me and making me beg my parents over and over again to buy me my first set of turntables.

Soundlab belt drives i picked up straight away i soon learned how to scratch thanks to dj slipmat and dj hype who literally studied to learn the movement and art of scratching and had later gone on to teach others how to scratch and mix.

My music has always been a part of who i am from a very young age and as far back as i can remember learnign how to blend two different tunes together anf being able influence and connect to my music in this way is what i love about deejaying.

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